Month: October 2012

A Quick Trip ‘Round Lake Paradise

OK, not ’round it. Partially ’round it. All the way around it is many miles and would involve a lot of trespassing. I’m not against trespassing at all – as long as it’s government land. After all, (and quite seriously)

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Some Fall Color

Here in Northern California, at least up near the foothills of the Sierras, is not the hotbed for Fall color that you might expect. Most of the trees are of the evergreen variety and as such, don’t present great opportunities

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Some Scaly Shots

One of my hobbies is keeping and breeding reptiles – primarily lizards. We currently own a common chuckwalla, a trio of spiny tailed monitors (more often called ackies), a male bearded dragon (who will be looking for mates next season)

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Latest Pictures

Some pictures from around the North State.

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