About Me

I’m a long time photographer who’s used everything from a Bronica medium format to Canon A and AE-1’s, Pentax K-10, and Nikon F100 for film and Canon 20D, 30D, and 40D plus the Nikon D40, D300 and D7000. I’ve taken tens of thousands of pictures, but I favor landscapes, especially wintery ones and macro shots. I’ve done a couple weddings, shot pictures for proms and even done some interiors for real estate.

I’ve owned most every pro and consumer grade Canon and Nikon lens of 400mm or less and I’ve developed a philosophy about gear: less is more. I’ve had to add riders to my home insurance policy to cover my gear when I go on vacation – or just leave for the store. I don’t need to do that anymore. I still take lots of fantastic photos, too.

I’m a top reviewer at Amazon and spend a lot of time doing subjective testing of each piece of gear I buy. I get no gear for free outside the occasional piece from Amazon Vine – and if I use or review that, I’ll make it clear where I got it. I do offer links to Amazon and Adorama for other photographers to get the gear they read about and hopefully, want. I’m no fanboy and switched in my lifetime from Pentax to Canon (film) to Minolta (film) to Canon (digital) to Nikon (digital) to Panasonic and the emerging Micro Four-Thirds mirrorless standard, then back to Nikon. Even the same body – the fantastic D7100. Plus a D40 and a D5300. Every move had it’s reason.

Check out my galleries. Enjoy the reviews. Comment or contact me to express your own views. But go out and shoot!

My current lineup: Nikon D7100, D5300 and D40 (digital bodies), Nikkor 18-55II, 18-140VR, 70-300VR plus Sigma 17-70 OS “C” and 10-20. More bags than I care to count from ThinkTank, Crumpler and Domke. Lighting from Paul Buff. More gear from Adorama or Amazon.