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After a six month detour through the world of micro four-thirds photography, I did the same thing I’d done six months before – sold everything. The GX7, Panasonic 30-100 and 25. The Panasonic 45 macro and 12-42 kit lens. Bought a Nikon D7100 with a 18-140. Traded for a Nikon D5300. Bought a used Sigma 10-20. and a new Sigma 17-70.

So what did I learn? Micro four-thirds (or m43 or whatever designation the fans like this week) is not, for me, a replacement for aps-c. The bodies are too small. I don’t like evf’s. The lenses are expensive yet feel cheap. The whole system feels cheap but isn’t. At least not in terms of cost. There’s few accessories and those that are available are cheap-feeling, too.

I didn’t like it.

The folks that do, in my opinion, come in two flavors: those moving up from point and shoot; and those who sold off their dslr and are trying to make the best of it. They talk about weight savings (which is the sole positive of the format) and video and, well, and try to convince us and themselves they made a good choice.

They didn’t.

Perhaps as a second system to take to family get togethers or on a vacation where you’re concerned more about security and size than performance and results, okay. But to make real pictures with and compete with what a dslr offers?

No. Freakin. Way. Period.

So I’m back in black. I may not be happy with the direction Nikon is taking and it might cost more and weigh more, but damn I like the feeling of the quality. Being able to buy a real flash unit. Having a real viewfinder. In short, enjoying taking pictures again.

And that is what photography is all about.

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