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The new Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.0 OS C

Now, the concept of this Siggy is not new. There’ve been several iterations, most received quite well. That’s not always true with Sigma lenses. Sigma as a lens maker has had, with the photo community at least, a quality control

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Nikon and Sigma – Friends or Foes?

Since the introduction of the D7100 and D5300 and the advent of the Sigma Art and Contemporary lines, there have been numerous reports of interoperability issues that never existed before. These include the consistent issues of the OS remaining on,

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Back to the Past

After a six month detour through the world of micro four-thirds photography, I did the same thing I’d done six months before – sold everything. The GX7, Panasonic 30-100 and 25. The Panasonic 45 macro and 12-42 kit lens. Bought

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Exit APS-C, Enter Micro Four Thirds

As a teenager, I took a photography course in high school and so began my life-long interest in making pictures. My first camera, of course film, was a Pentax something or other. My folks got me a couple inexpensive lenses

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The more things change…

Requirements altered. Recalculating!

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Nikon 70-200/4 VR III and my lineup

In 2008, responding to my frustration with Canon to get the new bodies right (or at least, to reviews by others of Canon’s failures – I loved my 40D!) and the awesome high-ISO performance and incredible LCD of the Nikon

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Fall Color and Genetic Research

One of my favorite places to go (locally, anyway) for Fall color is the slightly sinister-sounding Genetic Resource and Conservation park in Chico. Located back behind the Safer Arms gun range, the park has rows of rare and unusual trees.

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Cars of Note

One of my favorite things to do – and photograph – is car shows. The North State is not exactly a hotbed for them, but we have a few now and then. My favorite shots are grills and hood ornaments,

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Ft Bragg Adventures

At least once a year, we like to try to get away to the coast and Ft Bragg. Over the years, we’ve taken every road, trail and pathway over the mountains from the Central Valley to the Pacific Ocean –

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Battle of the 17-55 f2.8’s

Both Nikon and Canon produce a DX (or APS-C) version of the 17-55 f2.8, but that doesn’t mean they are the same lens. In fact, far from it! While the focal-length and constant aperture are the same, the similarities end

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