Ft Bragg Adventures

At least once a year, we like to try to get away to the coast and Ft Bragg. Over the years, we’ve taken every road, trail and pathway over the mountains from the Central Valley to the Pacific Ocean – and there’s no bad choice. One thing they all have in common is the twists and turns. Some, like 299, are simply snakes pounded into pavement. Some are one lane enhanced bike trails. Some are less than that. One thing that surprised the heck out of me was encountering a big rig on a single lane road in the middle of nowhere. No matter the path you choose, at the end is Ft Bragg. From Glass Beach (an old dump site where millions of bottles have been beaten by the sea for dozens of years into smooth glass beads) to the lighthouse to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, it’s always a great visit. Here, then, are a few shots from one of my favorite places to visit, Ft Bragg.

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