Product Reviews

Over the years, I’ve used a huge number of lenses, camera bodies, flashes and accessories. While photography review sites abound on the web, many focus on the technical aspects and measurements of the products. Lenses are subjected to LPI tests and bokeh rendition examines. Not so many sites focus on the useability and subjective use of the products. How does that lens actually fit into taking it out on a casual shoot? How does it really feel to have a huge flash atop your heavy dslr and 2.8 lens? These and other subjective measurements are where I’ll focus my reviews.

My qualifications? I’ve owned nearly every Canon L lens and most Nikon pro lenses shorter than 400mm. I’ve used all of them, for fun and a few for profit. I don’t make money photographing anything – I do it for enjoyment. My needs – and the needs of hobbyists are not necessarily served by all the technical reviews and ‘peer pressure’ sites that get you to buy into the pro lens or body groups by that subtle pressure to ‘be like the big boys’. Most of us don’t want to carry ten pounds of gear to shoot scenes at the lake or of our kids or on vacation.

My goal? To help you pick gear that takes fantastic real world photos – even ones you can sell or hang on your own wall and when your guests are amazed, you can say YOU shot it. To cut through the ‘analysis paralysis’ that can result from reading too many reviews and playing the numbers game. Photography isn’t about lines-per-inch or MTF charts or, hopefully, about having a bunch of red or gold bands on your lenses in order to impress other shooters. We’ll put together kits that allow you to do what you want to do – whether that is magnifying bugs and flowers up to poster-sized shots or capture your kids at play. A real-world kit that won’t break your bank.

Read on for real reviews of real – and pro – gear. You decide.

(Disclaimer: I provide all through this site, links to Amazon where you can find more information, reviews by others and even purchase the products I review or mention. I’ve bought some of my gear from Amazon and I HIGHLY recommend them. The fine customer service, good prices and FANTASTIC return policy mean they are the place I look first. Soon, you’ll also find links to Adorama, another of my favorite photography-specific retailers. Adorama offers excellent customer service and gear selection. The one thing you can usually find at Adorama that you might not find at Amazon is refurb gear. I buy a LOT of refurb gear from them. If you liked my reviews and you find the information helpful, please click-through to my Amazon and Adorama links and help support this site and me. It will cost you not one extra cent to buy from my links and you support a worthy cause – ME! Thank you.)