Some Fall Color

Here in Northern California, at least up near the foothills of the Sierras, is not the hotbed for Fall color that you might expect. Most of the trees are of the evergreen variety and as such, don’t present great opportunities for lots of wonderful foliage shots. Unless you like pictures of pine needles. If that’s the case, um, well, my bad.

That’s not to say there are no locations for Fall color change, just that we aren’t in the Northeast. The Central Valley presents many locations for orchards and the foothills themselves do have stands of deciduous in many locations. While it’s still early October right now and I’ve not been to my favorite Fall spots yet this year, I’ve included a selection of shots from past years.

Bidwell Park, especially Lower, offers lots of chances for someone to capture great shots. The aforementioned orchards are terrific for color and patterns. Up Highway 70 has been one of my favorite late year trips. With all the wildfires this year, it might be a bit more limited.

Since my photographic eye is somewhat both myopic and jaundiced, I tend to miss a lot that other more creative folk might see. Sue me.

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